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# Code Project Type Year Approved Beneficiaries Collaborators Sector Region Province City District Status Project Cost Implementor
1181 07-701-14-01 Upgrading of Squash Canton Processing SETUP 2007 Talledo’s Miki Commercial Food Processing CAR Abra Dolores 1st Graduated PHP 200,000.00 RO-SETUP
1182 09-1103-14-01 Upgrading of St. John Bakeshoppe Facility to Include Squash Pandsal Production SETUP 2009 St. John Bakeshoppe Food Processing CAR Ifugao Banaue 1st Graduated PHP 503,000.00 RO-SETUP
1183 14-1907-113-14-06-1 Upgrading of T&MB Machine Shop SETUP 2014 T & MB Auto Repair Shop Metals & Engineering CAR Ifugao Lamut 1st Terminated PHP 868,500.00 PSTC-Ifugao
1184 13-1907-59-14-03-1 Upgrading of Taitana's Dress Shop And Kalinga Woven Products SETUP 2013 Taitana's Dress Shop and Kalinga Wooven Products Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Terminated PHP 100,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
1185 07-664-14-01 Upgrading of Tartland Baguio Pasarabo SETUP 2007 Tartland Baguio Pasarabo Food Processing CAR Benguet Baguio City 1st Graduated PHP 350,000.00 RO-SETUP
1186 11-1619-14-01-1 Upgrading of Tawaran's Meatshop SETUP 2011 Tawaran's Meatshop Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Besao 1st Graduated PHP 69,000.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1187 12-1875-14-06-1 Upgrading of TCY Machinery SETUP 2012 TCY Machinery Works Metals & Engineering CAR Benguet Baguio City 1st Graduated PHP 1,328,440.00 PSTC-Benguet
1188 14-1907-88-14-01-1 Upgrading of the By the Gardens Bakery SETUP 2014 By the Gardens Bakery Food Processing CAR Benguet Kibungan 1st Graduated PHP 120,338.00 PSTC-Benguet
1189 02-12001 Upgrading of the Community-Based Muscovado Processing through S&T Intervention GIA (Community Based) 2015 Cabog-Eengan Muscovado Producers Association Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Besao 1st Completed PHP 432,150.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1190 06201303 Upgrading of the Community-Based Oyster Mushroom through S&T Intervention in Monamon Sur, Bauko, Mt. Province GIA (Community Based) 2013 St. Bede Mushroom and Vegetable Growers Association Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Mountain Province Bauko 1st Completed PHP 298,000.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1191 15-1907-154-14-05-1 Upgrading of the Equipment for the Fabrication of Metal Products SETUP 2015 Tumyang Iron Works Metals & Engineering CAR Mountain Province Barlig 1st Terminated PHP 261,400.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1192 14-1907-89-14-01-1 Upgrading of the Facilities for Kae Venice Meat Shop and Merchandise SETUP 2014 Kae Venice Meat Shop and Merchandise Food Processing CAR Apayao Flora 1st Terminated PHP 144,700.00 PSTC-Apayao
1193 22-1907-533-14-05-1 Upgrading of the Facilities of JH Auto Parts and Accessories Trading for the Repair and Maintenance Services of Vehicles SETUP 2022 Jomax B. Dalo Metals & Engineering CAR Apayao Pudtol 1st On-going PHP 1,724,000.00 PSTC-Apayao
1194 10-1316-14-02-1 Upgrading of the Furniture Production Capability of Westwood and Metal Works SETUP 2010 Westwood and Metal Works Furniture CAR Ifugao Lagawe 1st Terminated PHP 957,500.00 RO-SETUP
1195 04-20003 Upgrading of the Ginger Processing of Pun-Oh-Ohaan Women’s Organization through S&T Intervention GIA (Community Based) 2020 Pun-oh-ohaan Women's Organization Food Processing CAR Ifugao Mayoyao 1st On-going PHP 167,000.00 PSTC-Ifugao
1196 21-1907-458-14-03-1 Upgrading of the Production Capacity and Capability of Wow Digital through S&T intervention SETUP 2021 Wow Digital Studio Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Benguet Buguias 1st On-going PHP 1,080,000.00 PSTC-Benguet
1197 22-1907-502-14-01-1 Upgrading of the Production Facilities and Product Quality Improvement of 2D's Mini Bakery SETUP 2022 Juliet K. Iloreta Food Processing CAR Ifugao Banaue 1st On-going PHP 303,000.00 PSTC-Ifugao
1198 22-1907-505-14-05-1 Upgrading of the Project of Skidmarks Tires and Auto Supply SETUP 2022 Armie Cee Cee M. Socalo Metals & Engineering CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 490,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
1199 00208 Upgrading of the Soybean Processing Project of Lubon Rural Improvement Club GIA (Community Based) 2016 Lubon Rural Improvement Club. Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Tadian 1st On-going PHP 217,000.00 RO-GIA
1200 03-196-14-04 Upgrading of the Traditional Seedling Production Practices in Selected HVC Crops in Baguio and Benguet- CAR SETUP 2003 Brookspoint MPC Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Benguet La Trinidad 1st Terminated PHP 303,350.00 PSTC-Benguet