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381 13-1907-67-14-01-1 Establishment of Upgraded Facilities of Mk4 Pancitan and Bakery SETUP 2013 Mk4 Pancitan, Cakes, and Pastries Food Processing CAR Abra Bangued 1st Terminated PHP 737,140.00 PSTC-Abra
382 08-1017-14-17 Establishment of Vegetable Enriched Canton Processing and Upgrading for Bibingka Production SETUP 2008 Jaydine's Panciteria Food Processing CAR Abra San Juan 1st Terminated PHP 396,450.00 RO-SETUP
383 01-21003 Establishment of Veggie-Bread Production Project in Pikek, Daguioman, Abra GIA (Community Based) 2021 United Tingguians Multipurpose Cooperative Food Processing CAR Abra Daguioman 1st Terminated PHP 349,099.00 PSTC-Abra
384 01-21002 Establishment of Veggie-Bread Production Project in Poblacion, Lagayan, Abra GIA (Community Based) 2021 Wasnay Women’s Organization Food Processing CAR Abra Lagayan 1st On-going PHP 349,099.00 PSTC-Abra
385 01-19004 Establishment of Veggie-enriched Noodle Processing Facility for Dalit Brookside ARB MPC GIA (Community Based) 2019 Dalit Brookside Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Multipurpose Cooperative (Dalit Brookside ARB MPC) Local Goverment Unit's Food Processing CAR Abra Pilar 1st Completed PHP 305,516.00 PSTC-Abra
386 01- 16001 Establishment of Vermi Composition Facility for LGU-Lagangilang GIA (Community Based) 2016 LGU- Lagangilang Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Abra Lagangilang 1st Completed PHP 955,000.00 PSTC-Abra
387 02- 19001 Ethnomedicinal Communities o Apayao, Researchers, Faculty of ASG GIA (Community Based) 2019 Local Communities of Apayao, Researchers, Faculty of ASC Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Apayao Calanasan (Bayag) 1st Completed PHP 590,000.00 PSTC-Apayao
388 08-952-14-02 Expansion and Upgrading of Facilities for Bamboocraft and Furnishing Production SETUP 2008 Carlo’s Bamboocraft and Furnishings Furniture CAR Abra Tayum 1st Completed PHP 375,000.00 PSTC-Abra
389 10-1269-14-01-1 Expansion of Agnes Eatery to Include Native Cakes/Delicacies and Ice Cream Making SETUP 2010 Agnes' Eatery Food Processing CAR Ifugao Lamut 1st Terminated PHP 295,592.00 PSTC-Ifugao
390 10-1309-14-04-01 Expansion of Mark Grey's Apiary to Include Honey Processing SETUP 2010 Mark Grey's Apiary Food Processing CAR Benguet Tublay 1st Terminated PHP 250,000.00 PSTC-Benguet
391 10-1197-14-04-1 Expansion of Organically Grown Vegetables and Herbs Production of the Kerobee Farms SETUP 2010 Kerobee Farms Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Benguet Tuba 1st Graduated PHP 305,295.00 RO-SETUP
392 20-1907-393-14-01-1 Expansion of Product Line and Improving Production Efficiency of Gladden's Snack House through Equipment Upgrading SETUP 2020 Gladden's Snack House Food Processing CAR Abra Bangued 1st Withdrawn PHP 859,000.00 PSTC-Abra
393 05-380-14-02 Expansion Program for Lamagan's Furniture Shop SETUP 2005 Lamagan Furniture Shop Furniture CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Terminated PHP 300,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
394 04-300-14-03 Expansion Program for PRAJ's Gift Shop SETUP 2004 PRAJ Gift Shop and General Mechandise Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Graduated PHP 62,700.00 RO-SETUP
395 14-1907-120-14-01-1 Facility Upgrading of Dea’s Homemade Products SETUP 2014 Dea’s Homemade Products Food Processing CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Terminated PHP 240,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
396 13-1907-56-14-03-1 Facility Upgrading of DRR Marketing SETUP 2013 DRR Marketing Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Terminated PHP 187,890.00 PSTC-Kalinga
397 12-1925-14-06-1 Facility Upgrading of Tabuk Concrete Products SETUP 2012 Tabuk Concrete Products Metals & Engineering CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Graduated PHP 212,230.00 PSTC-Kalinga
398 17-1907-252-14-05-1 Facility Upgrading of TDMC Aggregates through S&T SETUP 2017 TDMC Aggregates Metals & Engineering CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Terminated PHP 1,430,300.00 PSTC-Kalinga
399 18-1907-291-14-04-1 Fertigation through Drip Irrigation Systems under Open Field Cultivation for the Production of High-Valued Vegetables of Herrero Farm SETUP 2018 Herrero Farm Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Abra Licuan-Baay (Licuan) 1st On-going PHP 420,090.00 PSTC-Abra
400 00-2017-02 Field Testing of the Integrated Gold-Copper Mineral Processing Pilot Plant in Benguet GIA (Region-initiated Projects) Internally Funded 2017 Benguet Federation of Small-Scale Miners, Inc. (BFSSMI) LGU- Benguet Metals & Engineering CAR Benguet Itogon 1st On-going PHP 198,303.00 PSTC-Benguet