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841 CBP-22-IF-05 S&T Support to the Rehabilitation Program of Alfonso Lista District Jail Through the Establishment of a Vegetable-Enhanced Bread Production and Training Facility for Persons Deprived of Liberty GIA (Community Based) 2022 BJMP Alfonso Lista District Jail/ALDJ Pangkabuhayan Association Food Processing CAR Ifugao Alfonso Lista (Potia) 1st On-going PHP 333,424.00 PSTC-Ifugao
842 22-1907-537-14-01-1 S&T Upgrading Facilities of Challengers Agriculture Cooperative SETUP 2022 Evelyn Likigan Food Processing CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 112,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
843 18-1907-323-14-02-1 S&T Upgrading of Abquilen Furniture Shop SETUP 2018 Abquilen Furniture Shop Furniture CAR Kalinga Pinukpuk 1st On-going PHP 131,546.00 PSTC-Kalinga
844 19-1907-383-14-02-1 S&T Upgrading of Angelyn's Furniture Shop SETUP 2019 Angelyn's Furniture Shop Furniture CAR Kalinga Pinukpuk 1st On-going PHP 1,009,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
845 - S&T Upgrading of Bakery Livelihood Project of Hope Dev't and Empowerment Organization SETUP 2017 HOPE Development and Empowerment Organization Food Processing CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 0.00 RO-GIA
846 19-1907-341-14-02-1 S&T Upgrading of Caddumlay Furniture Shop SETUP 2019 Caddumlay Furniture Shop Furniture CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 2,614,368.00 PSTC-Kalinga
847 18-1907-330-14-03-1 S&T Upgrading of U-Design Upholstery SETUP 2018 U-Design Upholstery and General Merchandise Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 578,500.00 PSTC-Kalinga
848 06201303 Salted Smoked Meat and Coffee Packaging and Labeling Assistance GIA (Community Based) 2013 Sagada Etag Processors Association (SEPA) and Sagada Coffee Council (SCC) Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Sagada 1st Completed PHP 30,811.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
849 16-1907-257-14-01-1 Sceince and Technology Upgrading for the process Improvement of Ceasar Iron Works and Welding Shop SETUP 2017 Ceasar Iron Works and Welding Shop Metals & Engineering CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 945,000.00 PSTC-Kalinga
850 16-1907-167-14-01-1 Science & Technology Intervention for Product Development of Collin's Purified Drinking Water to Include Ice Buko & Cake Production SETUP 2016 Collin's Purified Drinking Water Food Processing CAR Ifugao Lagawe 1st Terminated PHP 1,601,310.00 PSTC-Ifugao
851 22-1907-531-14-02-1 Science & Technology Intervention for the Production of Furniture Products, Building Components and Novelty Items SETUP 2022 Evelyn Eugenio Furniture CAR Apayao Flora 1st On-going PHP 285,750.00 PSTC-Apayao
852 02-20006 Science & Technology Intervention in the Establishment of Community-Based Project on Loom Weaving of Pentecostal Saranay Association Inc. in Shalom, Luna, Apayao GIA (Community Based) 2020 Pentecostal Saranay Association, Inc. Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Apayao Luna (Macatel[3]) 1st On-going PHP 228,550.00 PSTC-Apayao
853 05-21002 Science & Technology Intervention on Community Based Project on Banana Processing GIA (Community Based) 2021 KALIPI – Malagnat, Pinukpuk Food Processing CAR Kalinga Pinukpuk 1st Completed PHP 209,096.00 PSTC-Kalinga
854 05- 15001 Science & Technology Intervention on the Establishment of Meat Processing Facilities GIA (Community Based) 2015 Rizal Hog Raisers Marketing Cooperative/ Calaocan, Rizal, Kalinga LGU- Rizal, Kalinga Food Processing CAR Kalinga Rizal (Liwan) 1st Completed PHP 753,495.00 PSTC-Kalinga
855 CBP-22-AP-01 Science & Technology Intervention on the Utilization of Bottle/Glass Waste into Eco-bricks in Luna, Apayao GIA (Community Based) 2022 PLGU-Apayao Metals & Engineering CAR Apayao Luna (Macatel[3]) 1st On-going PHP 294,824.00 PSTC-Apayao
856 00258 Science and Technology Assistance for Competitive Packaging and Labeling Services for MSMEs in CAR- Year III GIA (Community Based) 2015 Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry-CAR Other Regional Industry Priorities CAR Benguet La Trinidad 1st Completed PHP 428,676.00 PSTC-Benguet
857 05- 19002 Science and Technology Assistance in the Establishment of Community Based Wood Works Livelihood Project of Ngibat Savings and Loans association GIA (Community Based) 2019 Ngibat Savings and Loan Association Local Government Unit Furniture CAR Kalinga Tinglayan 1st Completed PHP 426,899.00 PSTC-Kalinga
858 05-20003 Science and Technology Assistance in the Establishment of Community Meat Processing Center of Bulanao MPC GIA (Community Based) 2020 Bulanao Multi-Purpose Cooperative Food Processing CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Completed PHP 493,972.00 PSTC-Kalinga
859 CBP-23-MP-07 Science and Technology Education thru Robotics for Mountain Province General Comprehensive High School GIA (Community Based) 2023 Mountain province general comprehensive high school ICT CAR Mountain Province Bontoc 1st On-going PHP 174,426.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
860 18-1907-325-14-01-1 Science and Technology Improvement for the Production Facility of Istaychi Wine (Phase II) SETUP 2018 Istaychi Wine Food Processing CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 1,708,040.00 PSTC-Kalinga