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1221 16-1907-237-14-01-1 Upgrading the Fabrication Equipment of Anagaran Welding Shop & Vulcanizing Shop SETUP 2017 Anagaran Welding Shop & Vulcanizing Shop Metals & Engineering CAR Abra Dolores 1st Terminated PHP 1,045,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1222 21-1907-465-14-01-1 Upgrading the Facilities and Improvement of the Packaging Material of Real Delicacies for the Production of Fruit and Veggie-Enriched Cakes and Other Baked Products SETUP 2021 Real Delicacies Food Processing CAR Apayao Flora 1st On-going PHP 203,277.00 PSTC-Apayao
1223 13-1907-71-14-01-1 Upgrading the Facilities of Agustin's Catering Services for the Production of Veggie Noodles SETUP 2013 Agustin's Catering Services Food Processing CAR Apayao Santa Marcela 1st Terminated PHP 220,000.00 PSTC-Apayao
1224 12-1907-22-14-06-1 Upgrading the Facilities of Lucille's General Merchandise SETUP 2012 Lucille’s General Merchandise Metals & Engineering CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st Terminated PHP 887,312.00 PSTC-Kalinga
1225 21-1907-463-14-01-1 Upgrading the Facilities of Magallaya Specialty Coffee (2nd Assistance) SETUP 2021 Magallaya Mountain Specialty Coffee Food Processing CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st New PHP 2,070,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1226 15-1907-149-14-03-1 Upgrading the Facilities of Precy's Weaving Center for the Production of Woven Cloth into Different Novelty Products SETUP 2015 Precy's Weaving Cenetr Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Apayao Pudtol 1st Terminated PHP 61,000.00 PSTC-Apayao
1227 16-1907-252-14-05-1 Upgrading the facility and quality of TDMC CHB thru science and technology SETUP 2017 TDMC Hardware and Construction Supply Metals & Engineering CAR Kalinga Tabuk 1st On-going PHP 1,430,300.00 PSTC-Kalinga
1228 16-1907-220-14-01-1 Upgrading the Food Processing Equipment of Unlimited Brew Food SETUP 2016 Unlimited Brew International Corporation Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Bontoc 1st Terminated PHP 648,300.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1229 21-1907-462-14-04-1 Upgrading the High Value Crops Tissue Culture Laboratory for the Production Of Disease-Free Planting Materials through S&T Intervention SETUP 2021 Benguet Fresh Produce Multi-Purpose Cooperative Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Benguet La Trinidad 1st On-going PHP 705,753.00 PSTC-Benguet
1230 03-21008 Upgrading the Loom Weaving Industry of Baguio City through Science, Technology and Innovation GIA (Community Based) 2021 D’Dreamers Association, Share Weaver Association, The Conqueror’s Association, West Quirino Hill Women’s Organization Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Benguet Baguio City 1st On-going PHP 557,000.00 PSTC-Benguet
1231 12-1907-18-14-01-1 Upgrading the Meat Processing Facility if Mai-Ilang Food Products SETUP 2012 Mai-Ilang Food Products Food Processing CAR Abra Lagangilang 1st Terminated PHP 380,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1232 22-1907-496-14-01-1 Upgrading the Peanut Butter Processing of Tareeque Food Products SETUP 2022 Elizabeth F. Banagaoet Food Processing CAR Benguet Itogon 1st On-going PHP 357,959.00 PSTC-Benguet
1233 18-1907-332-14-01-1 Upgrading the Process and Production Capacity of Lala Anita's Bakeshop SETUP 2018 Lala Anita's Bakeshop Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Bauko 1st On-going PHP 535,400.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1234 10-1369-14-04-01 Upgrading the Processing Equipment for Ground Coffee SETUP 2010 Aster Coffee Shop Food Processing CAR Benguet Baguio City 1st Terminated PHP 343,700.00 RO-SETUP
1235 21-1907-451-14-04-1 Upgrading the Production Equipment and Capability of Big-C Farm SETUP 2021 Big-C Farm Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Mountain Province Bauko 1st On-going PHP 2,499,988.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1236 14-1907-116-14-06-1 Upgrading the Production Capability of Igoland Weld SETUP 2014 Igoland Weld Metals & Engineering CAR Benguet La Trinidad 1st Terminated PHP 1,958,085.00 PSTC-Benguet
1237 16-1907-257-14-02-1 Upgrading the Production Capacity and Enhancement of Product Quality of ENT Furniture Through the Provision of Advanced Science and Technology Equipment and Services SETUP 2017 ENT Furniture Furniture CAR Abra Lagangilang 1st Terminated PHP 1,634,348.00 PSTC-Abra
1238 21-1907-468-14-05-1 Upgrading the Production Capacity and Equipment of DU Construction Services SETUP 2021 DU Construction Services Metals & Engineering CAR Apayao Luna (Macatel[3]) 1st On-going PHP 2,000,000.00 PSTC-Apayao
1239 16-1907-181-14-01-1 Upgrading The Production Capacity and Packaging Label Design of Marie June Bakery SETUP 2016 Marie June Bakery Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Tadian 1st Graduated PHP 263,500.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1240 19-1907-371-14-03-1 Upgrading the Production Capacity and Product Quality of Brad's Tailoring SETUP 2019 BRAD's Tailoring Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Abra Bangued 1st On-going PHP 5,647,056.00 PSTC-Abra