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1401 18-1907-290-14-01-1 Upgrading the Sugarcane Processing Equipment and Facilities for D&C Enterprises SETUP 2018 D&C Enterprises Food Processing CAR Abra La Paz 1st On-going PHP 360,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1402 20-1907-392-14-01-1 Upgrading the Sugarcane Processing Facility of Alexandra's Enterprises SETUP 2020 Alexandra's Enterprises Food Processing CAR Abra Bangued 1st On-going PHP 460,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1403 20-1907-440-14-01-1 Upgrading the Volume Capacity of the Ice Plant Facility of 24/7 Convenience Store SETUP 2020 24/7 Convenience Store Food Processing CAR Abra Bangued 1st On-going PHP 1,500,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1404 CBP-22-BE-04 Upgrading the Woodcarving "Pa-ot" Industry of Baguio City Through Science, Technology and Innovation - Phase I GIA (Community Based) 2022 Mondiguing's Woodcraft and Souvenir Shop, Melba's Souvenir Shop, Crisdens Handicraft and Furniture Shop, Jetjed Handicraft, Ifugao Woodcarvers Multipurpose Cooperative, Tayaban Furniture Gifts / Decors / Handicrafts CAR Benguet Baguio City 1st On-going PHP 1,262,034.00 PSTC-Benguet
1405 15-1907-148-14-04-1 Utilization of Farm Hog Wastes into Energy System through the Adoption of Biogas Technology for use in Farm Lightings, Cooking and Water Pumping Activities of Solsoloy Piggery SETUP 2016 Solsoloy Piggery Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Abra Pidigan 1st Withdrawn PHP 970,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1406 20-1907-411-14-04-1 Utilization of Piggery Waste for Biogas Generation and Development of Feed Formulation for Quality Piglet Production SETUP 2020 JMD Farm Agriculture / Marine / Aquaculture / Forestry / Livestock CAR Ifugao Lamut 1st On-going PHP 620,000.00 PSTC-Ifugao
1407 01-18004 Utilization of Rice Hull Wastes for Charcoal Briquettes Production through S&T Interventions GIA (Community Based) 2018 Bulbula La Paz Farmers Asociation Inc. Local Government Unit Other Regional Industry Priorities CAR Abra La Paz 1st Completed PHP 235,250.00 PSTC-Abra
1408 12-1907-21-14-01-1 Value Adding of Carrot through Production of Carrot Pineapple Juice Processing SETUP 2012 Green Salad Farm Food Processing CAR Mountain Province Bauko 1st Withdrawn PHP 693,000.00 PSTC-Mountain Province
1409 11-1637-14-01-1 Value Adding of Meat Through Meat Processing SETUP 2011 KX Agricultural Farm Food Processing CAR Apayao Santa Marcela 1st Terminated PHP 220,000.00 PSTC-Apayao
1410 CBP-22-AB-07 Value Addition through S&T Interventions for Ginger Processing of Gayaman Women's Organization-PHASE I GIA (Community Based) 2022 Gayaman Women's Organization Food Processing CAR Abra Luba 1st On-going PHP 363,280.00 PSTC-Abra
1411 23-1907-562-14-01-1 Value-Adding of Rice thru Rice Milling SETUP 2023 Purificacion Grains Trading Food Processing CAR Apayao Flora 1st On-going PHP 4,467,340.00 PSTC-Apayao
1412 18-1907-292-14-06-1 Value-Addition of Recyclable Urban Wastes thru the Acquisition of Eco-Friendly Re-Processing Facility for Viado's Junkshop SETUP 2018 Viado's Junkshop Other Regional Industry Priorities CAR Abra Bangued 1st On-going PHP 2,030,000.00 PSTC-Abra
1413 04-20006 Veggie Bread Production for Livelihood of Swingers RIC GIA (Community Based) 2020 Swingers Rural Improvement Club Food Processing CAR Ifugao Alfonso Lista (Potia) 1st On-going PHP 270,807.00 PSTC-Ifugao
1414 00-20018 Virtual Training on the Developed SARAi Technologies GIA (Region-initiated Projects) Internally Funded 2020 Department of Science and Technology- Cordillera Administrative Region Other Regional Industry Priorities CAR Benguet La Trinidad 1st On-going PHP 10,000.00 RO-Project Coordinators